Two brothers, Adi and Rudy Dassler were from a small German town called Herzogenaurach. The two brothers were partners in sports shoe company called Dassler Brother Sports Shoe company. The brothers made a controversial decision in 1936 to offer Jesse Owens the first sponsorship to a black athlete despite the racial, Nazi-run climate. Good decision: Owens went on to win 4 Gold medals and made their shoe instantly known around the world. But the newfound success caused immediate friction and the relationship between brothers became unrepairable. So they decided to go their own way and each create their own company. Adi started his company, Adidas. Rudy started his own company, Puma. Today, each company is worth almost $11B. Unfortunately, their dislike continuing for the rest of their lives and it divided their town apart. Some people sided with Adi, and the rest of the town with Rudy. Yet, it was the brother’s willingness to reach across the aisle to the most unlikely recipient to wear their product. The brother’s willingness to be uncomfortable for a genuine shot at success made them successful. Who is willing to step outside of their comfort zone in a time when it is difficult to work with someone that doesn’t look like you or believe what you do?