Banning the First Amendment will never be a law. It will never be illegal to protest the national anthem.  If the 1st Amendment goes down; the fabled 2nd Amendment will go before it does. The people that find the anthem protests offensive will likely never understand why some people view the flag (and its origin) and the national anthem (and its origin) differently. It’s called: personal experiences. The big issue in our society is that social injustices occur daily across gender, racial, and class lines in this country. Most of them go unnoticed. However, none of them are warranted.

Historically, when it comes to people of color (99% of whom are protesting the flag), the way we protest has to satisfy criteria set forth by public opinion – be it peaceful or not. My wife is a veteran. She did two tours. Two of my uncles served in Vietnam. Do you think any of them take the anthem protests personal? No. Why not? The social injustices they experience as veterans are a reminder that fighting for a flag or anthem does not guarantee you the ideals the flag or anthem suggests are available to all Americans.