Colin Kaepernick makes $12m this year. He’s taxed 39% or $4,708,169.95. Nearly 25 percent of all income taxes go to pay for military defense. Of that amount, salaries and benefits for members of the armed services make up roughly a quarter, while most of the remainder goes toward equipment and supplies as well as weapons, construction, and research and development. About 4.5 percent of spending goes to pay for various benefits for veterans

Income and housing support represent not quite half of the spending in this category, with health-care expenditures nearly as high. Just over 2 percent of income tax revenue goes to support the nation’s immigration and law enforcement programs. These expenses help fund the nation’s court system, as well as federal law enforcement agencies. That means, Kaepernick will personally pay $1,177,042.49 to the military; $211,867.65 to veterans; and $94,163.40 to law enforcement programs this year.

If I’m Kaepernick, I’m protesting this Sunday the $94k I gave to law enforcement programs that clearly failed in Tulsa!