What’s the worst thing that could happen with a Trump presidency? More street-wide protest? A Trump presidency will ensure that the Democratic Party will have the least amount of power at the national and state level in modern history. President-elect Donald Trump promised many things in his 100-day plan. Some of those things would reshape the future of this country. With 3 of the senior justices on the Court 78 years and older, it is possible that he could form a Conservative Court for at least the next 40 years. With control of the House, Senate, and Supreme Court, Trump could easily alter or completely change the following:

  • Climate change agreements will be rescinded (possible and likely)
  • ObamaCare will be repealed (definitely)
  • Abortion will be illegal in the US (possible and likely)
  • Construction will begin on the wall between the US and Mexico (unsure)
  • Deportation of illegal immigrants will be in place (possible and likely)
  • Legislation banning gay marriage is (possible but unlikely)
  • Citizens United case will stand (definitely)
  • Loosing background checks on people buying guns (possible and likely)
  • Reinstate torture methods to gather intelligence (possible and likely)

These are just a few things that “could” and will take place with a Trump presidency. With any politician, they can say anything just to get elected. Only time will tell if “some” of America’s worst fears and social advancements come to fruition. The one thing we do know: Old America won and New America is scared.