Your Vision Unrestricted

We are a green real estate development firm focused on community development, affordable housing, and neighborhood stabilization through the use of sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions.

Our primary focus is to support low-income individuals and veterans with accessible housing, while helping local municipalities remove urban blight.

One Institution has designed, developed, or invested in 21 properties to date, helping to remove urban blight in opportunity zones and creating new, sustainable living opportunities for low-income individuals and veterans. The company’s efforts are geared toward green construction – using recyclable and environmentally safe materials within steel-built structures.

Our Services


We help you identify development projects that solve a housing problem while winning the pencil test.


We have world-class architects experienced in designing steel-built structures and eco-friendly spaces in both commercial and residential spaces.


We work with local communities to remove blighted areas with and improve the lives of vulnerable and housing insecure populations with creative, affordable green development solutions.

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