Broken Open

It’s argued that those who have endured hardship have also experienced wisdom, and that what has broken you can also bless you. The most important question hurt people have to eventually ask is simple, “How can my pain fuel personal evolution and revolution?” We will help you answer that question! Broken Open offers you the opportunity to be a voyeur each week-peeking behind the scenes into an individual's journey to explore what they’ve learned from the most challenging times of their lives. We will explore themes in the form of infidelity, loss, tragedy, financial ruin, illness and more – tackling life’s most difficult obstacles and humbling situations. We dig deep. We experience trauma and pain right alongside of each other. We also emerge with you into triumph. Grow. Thrive. Triumph.

Host Tawanna Nishi will be with you each step of the way, story after story, victory after victory. These are stories not just of survival, but of how we all have the ability to
triumph over the very things that were meant to destroy or break us.